The Aging Gun was a special ray gun invented by Dr. Kamikazi. It was only used in the episode Zap! You're Old.


Kamikazi sent Constantine to The Bay Area to use the Aging Gun and hit Tommy with it. Once affected, Tommy should have turned into a old men, and as a elder he should be to weak to defense Robotboy and even forget about him because of his age.

But instead of Tommy, Constantine only hits Robotboy, Lola and Gus with the Aging Gun. Tommy (the main target) isn't hit. Robotboy changes into a older model and is to weak and old to fight Constantine. Lola and Gus are changing first into adolescents, then in adults and later in elders.

The last victim of the Aging Gung is Dr. Kamikazi himself. When Tommy arrives on Kaziland he takes the gun and hits Kamikazi with it. Also Kamikazi changes into a very elder men.

Tommy, with assistance of Constantine, changes the Aging Gun with some tools. After the change to the Aging Gun, it makes people younger instead of older. He uses the gun again on Robotboy, Lola, Gus and Kamikazi and they change back to their Original ages.

Later the gun (in his changed status) is used to stop Donnie from bullying. When he treatens Tommy and his friends, Gus hits Donnie with the gun and Donnie is changed in to a little child.


The gun is small and at the end of it, there is a blue mini satellite dish. From that satellite dish comes a green ray when being used.


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  • In Traffic Slam Kamikazi uses a Ray Gun to shut Robotboy off from a distance. This Ray Gun has the same appearance as the Aging Gun, only it is black and red instead of white and blue.
Kamikazi with new aging gn

Dr. Kamikazi in Traffic Slam with the black aging gun