Ambassador Mbolắ

Ambassador Mbola

First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced by
Lola Mbola (daughter)
Somewhere between 46 and 55

Ambassador Mbolắ is an extraordinarily rich African Ambassador. He is the father of Lola Mbola.

Relationship with Lola

Ambassador Mbolắ is caring for his daughter, but he can sometimes be uncaring for her like in Feline Frenzy when Lola lost her beloved cat.


  • In "Racer Zero", Donnie called Ambassador Mbolắ "Kingsley". This could either be his possible first name or Donnie just teasing him.
  • The billionaire trading cards list him as being wealthier than Klaus Von Affenkugel. Though Klaus is quick to deny this.
  • Ambassador Mbolắ's wife was never shown. She could either be divorced, deceased or maybe she lives elsewhere.

Other languages

  • In the Polish dub, he is voiced by Stefan Knothe.
  • In the Swedish dub he is voiced by Steve Kratz.
  • In the Dutch dub he is voiced by Antillean singer Freddy Gumbs

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