"Automatommy" is the 72nd episode of the series and the 10th(b) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode, Tommy and Moshimo had created an Exoskeleton-belt that will give the ability to have super strength like Robotboy's Superactivation. But when using it for a long time it becomes berserk of destruction.


When Gus and Robotboy are watching a Human Fist marathon, a excited Tommy calls them to look at his newest invention. He has invented a Exoskeleton-Belt that will give humans a superactivation like Robotboy when he is in his Superactive Mode. He then tests a miniature version of the belt on a mouse. The mouse received super strength and used his new powers to escape from his cage, fight Tommy and the neighborhood cats.

Tommy is happy that his invention works and wants to test the big belt himself. But Moshimo forbids that because he thinks the belt is still to dangerous to test on people. Tommy is disappointed, but listens to the professor.

The next day however when he get's bullied by Kurt and his friends, he tests the belt on to himself. When he turns on the belt the belt transforms into a exoskeleton and turns Tommy into his . Tommy goes to his school and transforms the fountain into a statue from The Human Fist and gets his revenge on Kurt.

After that the belt is becoming unstable and blows up the statue from The Human Fist. But instead of thinking the worst, Tommy is pleased with the result. Tommy goes to the airport where he plays with the airplanes by throwing them in the air and blow them up. When he is finished he wants to deactivate the belt but notices that the deactivation button is broken. The belt is living a life of his own now and Tommy can't do anything about it. He goes into town and destroys building and cars. Tommy offers his apologies to everyone but can't do anything about it. Robotboy and Gus are still at home when they see Tommy on television destroying the city.

When Robotboy tries to help Tommy, the Superactived Belt defend himself and gets in a fight with Robotboy, but with Tommy still inside it. Because he can't en want to hurt Tommy Robotboy's fighting is weak. Tommy challenges him to fight him by mocking him and hopes Robotboy will bite. He does and he throws Tommy and the belt inside a building. Then the superactive belt throws rockets at Robotboy and he pretends to be defeated. When the belt wants to finish him off, Robotboy destroys the superactived exoskeleton by sawing it into two and Tommy falls out of it. Strange enough the belt isn't broken or damaged.

Tommy decides to destroy the belt, but before he can the belt is taken by Gus who Superactived the belt to rob a candy factory with his new superpowers. At the end the belt gets a life of his own again and takes too much chocolate for Gus to handle.

It isn't known of the belt is destroyed after this.


Robotboy: *after Tommy was thrown against the wall by the Superactivated mouse* Tommy! You okay? Tommy: *rubs his head then laughs* It works! How cool is that? Gus: What worked? Like flying through the air and slamming your head on the wall makes you crazy?

Robotboy: *as he, Tommy, and Gus watch the mouse beat up the local cats* Cat in big trouble now!

Robotboy: *when he sees Superactivated Tommy causing trouble on the news* Oh, no! It Tommy on TV! What he do? *runs past Gus* Gus: Tommy's on TV? What's Tommy doing in a Human Fist episode? Lucky mud!

Tommy: *when Superactivated Robotboy refuses to fight him in the suit* Oh no, he doesn't want to hurt me. *thinks* I got it! What's the matter you iron-headed idiot? *Ro becomes surprised by this sudden insult* No good bag of bolts! *SA Ro finally gets mad at fires at him, sending him through a building* Gus: Ooh, don't hold back dude.


  • When Robotboy destroys the superactive Exoskeleton by sawing it in to two pieces, we see that Robotboy accidentally destroyed also Tommy's clothing and that only his underwear is left over. But when Tommy falls out of the exoskeleton and falls onto the ground, he still has all of his clothes on.
  • When Tommy first tried his Exo-skeleton suit he makes his own "Tarzan yell".
  • Robotboy doesn't know what "Playing Possum" means until Gus tells him in "The Revenge of Protoboy", yet he does just that to trick the suit into thinking he was defeated.
  • Goof: When SA Ro is knocked to the ground and plays dead, his left arm is miscolored blue. It remains that way until he turns over to free Tommy from the suit.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch AutomaTommy Automatommy
French Automatommy Automatommy
German Automatischer Tommy Automatic Tommy
Spanish Automa-tommy Automatommy


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