Bambi's Mother

Mother bambi

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Last Appearance
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Hair color
*Unnamed Husband/Boyfriend

Bambi (Daughter)

Bambi's Little Brother (son) (scrapped)

Bambi's Mother is the mother of Bambi. Her first appearance was in the episode Bambi-Bot.

She is a single mother and just like her daughter she is blond haired and a bit of a air-head. A typical dumb blonde. She spoils Bambi a lot, which would explain Bambi's social behaviour.

She also is a bad driver. When see leaves her house, she indicates with her flasher that she wants to turn left, but instead she turns right. And when she rides a jeep on Kaziland she first drives over Kamikazi's pet-dog, Jerome, and then rides with her car from a cliff in to the sea.


  • She (or a woman that looks like her) appeared for a scene in Runaway Robot (Season 4 episode), when Robotboy and Gus pranked people. She was lying on the sand of the beach, Robotboy, using a magnifying glass, burned the hair of the man who was lying next to her. Ashamed of the fact it made him bald, he stole her hair, revealing it's actually fake, and she is actually bald.

Bambi's Mother's actual appearance

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