"Bambi-Bot" is the 33rd episode of the series and the 4th(a) of Season 2 of Robotboy. In this episode Dr. Kamikazi builds a robotic version of Tommy's crush Bambi in order to get Robotboy.


Seeing Tommy's crush on Bambi, Kamikazi creates Bambi-Bot, to try and capture Robotboy. Seeing Bambi-Bot, Tommy falls for her, believing that is the real Bambi, going on dates with her. seeing this, Lola gets jealous and Robotboy is sad, telling Tommy that he doesn't to Robotboy anymore. Tommy and Lola begin to argue, Lola saying that lovers trust each other, tell each other their secrets and that Tommy really doesn't love Bambi. Which makes Tommy decide to tell Bambi-Bot about Robotboy. While spending time with Bambi-Bot, he begins to tell her about him, but gets interrupted by Kurt and his friends, confronting Bambi-bot about being with Tommy. Bambi-Bot gets defensive and ends up against Kurt and his friends, defeating them. Tommy, watching the fight, sees that it isn't really Bambi and tries to protect Robotboy, realizing that it's really Kamikazi. Bambi-Bot snatches the backpack containing Robotboy, causing Tommy to activate Robotboy and starting a battle with Bambi-Bot. Almost mid way through the battle, she throws a black spiked metal pizza, putting Tommy in danger. Seeing that she won't give in, Robotboy Super Activates, but ends up surrounded by the robotic cheerleaders. On the ground, the cheerleaders see their chance and throw their pom poms, surrounding Robotboy's head with pink truffles. Robotboy presses a button on his chest, causing his head to explode. It reappears, surprising the cheerleaders. He destroys them and aims at Bambi-Bot, who has Tommy in her grasp, threatening harm him. The weapon fails and Robotboy destroys her. In the end, Lola and Gus walk up to a disappointed Tommy. Lola, being happy that she's destroyed, walks away with Tommy and Robotboy with them. Disappointed, Kamikazi turns to his pet dog, the only loyal one he says he has left. While on a walk together, he gets ran over by Bambi and her mother, but survives and ends up attacking Kamikazi when he goes to hug him, the episode ending in him screaming in pain and Bambi and her mother driving all over the outside of his hideout.



In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Bambi-bot Bambi-Bot
French Bambi, la Bombe Bambi, the Bomb
German Die falsche Bambi The wrong Bambi
Spanish Bambi-BOT Bambi-Bot
Swedish Bambi-Bot Bambi-Bot


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