Bjorn Bjornson's Laboratory is the residence, shelter and laboratory of Bjorn Bjornson.

This is his place where he works, make his robots and inventions or has dinner with his mother.


The Lab is very big and long, but appears empty. This is probably because Bjorn keeps his stuff under the floor and when he needs them, he let them come up from beneath the surface. The walls and ceilng are brown, the colour that often is being used in Scandinavian houses. There are no windows and the room is lighten up by some big white ceilinglamps. This indicates that the room is under the surface.

There are also trapdoors to get rid of people (mostly Bjorn's Mother is victim to those traps).

In the room there is a big chair where Bjorn controls everything in the room and sits in to make plans.

Probaly this is not his bedroom or the living space. In the episode Runaway Robot it is revealed that Bjorn and his mother are living in a big house upon a mountain. This lab is probaly inside of the mountain.