Bjornbot is a robot built by Bjorn Bjornson. He was built to become the best fighting robot in the world, like Robotboy he has super strength, multiple weapons and can Superactive as well. He bears a resemblance like his creator only more blueish and with red pupils.


Brother Bjorn

Runaway Robot

Party Out of Bounds

The Sleepover

Journey to the center of the Gus



  • For the mostly the words he says are rather "Ja" and "Nej" which are the Scandinavian translates for "Yes" and "No".
  • Bjornbot has so far Superactivated only 2 times throughout the show.
  • It is possible that Bjorn (his inventor) has created more copies of him in case he gets destroyed in battles or other occasions while no matter the count of Bjornbots that got destroyed he still has the same memory and identification.