Brainy Yak's mother

Brainy yaks mother

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Brainy Yak's Mother is a female yak and the mother of Brian (also known as Brainy-Yak).

Before Professor Moshimo became the world-renowned scientist, he was a farmer in Mexico. Brainy Yak's mother was one of Professor Moshimo's yaks.

One day she walked away from the group. When Dave wants to bring her back, Moshimo stops him and goes after her. He then discovers that she is giving birth to Brian and he helps her with the birth.

She doesn't mind that Brian is dumb and clumsily, but she feels sorry for him. When Moshimo makes Brian superintelligent she first is schoked to see him. But still loves him.

But Brian believes that Moshimo made him into a freak and he decides to walk away from the farm. He hates and is angry at everybody on the farm, but we can see that he does have feelings for his mother by looking to her while sobbing just before he leaves.

When Dave comes to Kaziland to bring Brian back, he reveals that his mother is waiting for him.

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