"Brother" is the 13th of the series episode and the 7th(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


When Tommy's family is out on a family day, Robotboy is left alone. After talking to Moshimo, he tells Robotboy that he did have a brother once, called Protoboy. Robotboy goes to Kamikazi island and frees Protoboy. Protoboy is evil and starts wrecking everything Robotboy eventually has to defeat him.


  • Robotboy
  • Tommy
  • Professor Moshimo
  • Protoboy
  • Dr. Kamikazi
  • Constantine
  • Donnie
  • Debs Turnbull
  • Dwight Turnbull


Robotboy: Oh, Professor Moshimo, hello.

Professor Moshimo: Oh hello, Robotboy. Is Tommy around?

Robotboy: Turnbull Family Day, Robotboy all alone.


  • This is the first Time Dr. Kamikazi did not hatch a plan to catch Robotboy.
  • Bjorn Bjornson can be seen on a cover of "Super Villain" magazine Kamikazi holding up at the beginning.
  • The Turnbulls have a family outing every Sunday.
  • Goof: If it's the weekend, there shouldn't be a school bus running. Unless it was used for something like church or camp.
  • In this episode, both Robotboy and Protoboy are seen in the air without using their fire.
  • The first appearance of Protoboy.
  • This is the first time Gus is absent.
  • For whatever reason, Moshimo felt the need to gag Protoboy, even though he doesn't need to move his mouth to speak.
  • The cable he was tied up with was apparently strong enough to hold him.
  • When Protoboy is strapped to Kamikazi's machine, he's screaming and his mouth is open, where a speaker can be seen. As he's being zapped, his mouth looks similar to Ro's. When he's destroying Kaziland, he's laughing with his mouth open. This is the only episode where Protoboy's mouth is shown to be able to move and open.
  • After that flashback, Protoboy's mouth just lights up when he's speaking.
  • Protoboy is so heavy that when Kamikazi fell down with him, a large impact hole was created in the concrete.
  • Kamikazi is revealed to be the reason why Protoboy is so aggressive and evil.
  • This is the only episode in which Donnie directly beats up Tommy in the presence of their mother. However, Deb is completely oblivious to it.
  • This is the only time we see how Protoboy's vision looks.
  • Protoboy is able to speak in his Superactivated mode, just like Robotman.
  • The scene where Superactivated Robotboy creates and ejects his claw is reused as stock footage in "Sweet Revenge". The part where he reels it back in is altered.
  • Kamikazi has a room full of rejected experiments and robots, which is where Protoboy was found.
  • Goof: Robotboy used the ladder to get to Protoboy when he could have just flown up to him.
  • Robotboy has a white smoke trail while Protoboy's is black or dark grey. This could be a possible Yin-Yang reference where Ro is Yin (good) and Proto is Yang (evil), playing along with the Cain & Abel trope they have.
  • Goof: Kamikazi had brown hair in his youth as shown in the flashback...which is odd considering him being Japanese and black hair is the natural and most common hair color there. He probably dyed it.
  • Constantine was bald back then.
  • Goof: In the flashback, Constantine ripped out wires to defeat Protoboy. However, these same wires were shown to be intact when Robotboy plugged them back in to reactivate Protoboy.
  • Goof: Robotboy and Protoboy are fighting over the center of the bridge. However, an animation error shows Protoboy just in front of the toll booth he kicked Robotboy into. A slow-down of the scene also shows that Robotboy had landed on top of Protoboy, making it look like they both crashed into the toll-booth.
  • The only episode involving Protoboy that was written by Cindy Morrow.
  • This is the only episode in which Gus and Protoboy don't appear in together.
  • Protoboy has been deactivated for years, however, his true Deactivated mode isn't seen until "The Revenge of Protoboy".

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Broer Brother
French Protoboy Protoboy
German Bruder Brother
Hebrew אח (Ah/Ach) Brother
Italian Protoboy Protoboy
Spanish Hermano Brother
Swedish Min Bror My Brother
Polish Brat Brother


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