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C.H.O.P is a talking robotic helicopter that is famous for appearing in one of Robotboy's favorite TV-shows, and one of Robotboy's best friends.He is a one-time character who only appears in his titular episode C.H.O.P.


C.H.O.P is basically a nice robot. He is caring and cared for his former partner, Lance, even though Lance barely paid any attention to him. C.H.O.P is also somewhat excitable. He gets pumped up when thinking about how he and Lance used to shoot cans in the desert, and he is very happy when he and Robotboy do just that.

C.H.O.P also shows an angry side when he sees a billboard about Lance's new show (Without him), and proceeded to destroy said billboard, however when he goes to find Lance about the billboard, he is sad, not angry, at him. C.H.O.P also cares for Robotboy, and the two of them are good friends.


C.H.O.P appeared in an episode of the same name as Lance Chestwax's robotic helicopter. Robotboy is more interested in C.H.O.P instead of Lance, and the two struck up a conversation.

The two go into the desert to fire missiles at cans, only for C.H.O.P to see a billboard about Lance starring in a new show with a talking, robotic submarine. C.H.O.P destroys the billboard and goes to find Lance, only for Lance to shoo him away, saying he had to look out for 'number one'. S.U.B proceeds to attack C.H.O.P, to which Robotboy tries to help his friend, and gets rid of S.U.B in the desert.

Robotboy takes C.H.O.P away for repairs right after declining a team-up with Lance.


C.H.O.P is a green talking helicopter with grey propellers with red tips. He has a black electronic mouth with a yellow laser across that moves when he talks. He has eyes on his windshield as well as missile launchers attached.



Robotboy and C.H.O.P are good friends and enjoy doing things such as destroying cans in the desert.

Lance Chestwax

C.H.O.P's former partner, C.H.O.P does show signs of caring about Lance, although Lance does not seem to care about him. C.H.O.P eventually leaves Lance.


Being a helicopter, C.H.O.P can fly, talk and shoot missiles.


  • His name might be a pun to both the acronym to the talking car K.I.T.T from Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff.