Cartoon Network: Christmas Rocks

Christmas Rocks

Release Date
Episode Count
8 in total. 1 Robotboy episode and 7 others
Language Options
English and German
English and German
Aspect Ratio
Region Code
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Cartoon Network Europe and Alphanim
Run Time
76 Mins. Approx

Cartoon Network: Christmas Rocks is a DVD containing Christmas special episodes of three Cartoon Network Television shows and CN's and Alphanim's Robotboy.

Robotboy appears on the front of the box, flying in the right upper corner. On the backside only his head appears with a green background while he smiles.

The box is red in color.

Series and Christmas episodes


Dexter's Laboratory

Johnny Bravo

  • I Used to be Funny
  • My fair Dork
  • Twas the Night

Ben 10


  • The intro of Robotboy isn't included. So when you start Christmas Evil the episode will start directly. The outro is not missing. But this outro will also give credit to the episode The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi.
  • This is the only DVD with Robotboy in his original language, English. No other DVDs with Robotboy episodes in English appeared to this day.
  • Because the other three series are from Cartoon Network they are credited as Cartoon Network Trademark on the box cover. Robotboy is credited with Alphanim. On the DVD Robotboy is also credited separated from the other series with: ROBOTBOY(tm) Alphanim 2005-2010, France 3.
  • On the backside of the DVD box there is a warning that the DVD contains mild action violence, threat, crude humor and language. All these four warnings are applicable to the Robotboy episode. The last one in particular when Dr. Kamikazi calls Constantine a Jackass what sparked some controversy when the episode first aired in 2005.


DVD Backside


Cartoon Network Christmas Rocks DVD

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