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Robotboy Bumpers

CN area

City Area created by:
Animal Logic (Australia)
Toonix Area created by:
Meindbender (Sweden)
Aired on
Cartoon Network
Robotboy Bumpers (known)

Bumpers are short animations that appears between shows and commercials or when a show-broadcast is over and a new one starts.

Cartoon Network uses bumpers mainly between shows and after commercials.

From 2006 till 2012 they also aired some specially made Robotboy related bumpers.

The City Area

On June 14, 2004, Cartoon Network debuted an updated version of its original logo (with the checkerboard motif retained and the "C" and "N" being the centerpiece) and the new slogan:, "This is Cartoon Network!"

The bumpers introduced as part of the rebrand were produced by Animal Logic, and featured 2D cartoon characters from Cartoon Network shows interacting in a CGI city composed of sets from said shows.

During April 2006, there was a revamp of the CN City look using flat, dark, psychedelic colors, and a male announcer replacing the previous one (Nikki). This was presumably done to go along with Cartoon Network's "YES!" campaign they were running at the time, featuring characters from their shows acting out behind a red background. These updated City bumpers continued until June 2007.

While many of these bumpers are available on the Internet, several of them have yet to be found. The 2004-06 bumpers are fairly common, whereas the 2006-07 ones are comparatively rare. It is unlikely that they will all ever be found, as there are hundreds of them floating around.

When a show was being announced, a female broadcaster would say which show wouldl come next, followed by the slogan: This is Cartoon Network. All the shows were announced with a traffic light. So all shows had there own sign in the traffic light with the first show to air at top (in place of the red light) and the show that would be broadcasted afterwards at the bottom (on the place of the green light).

City Area and Robotboy

There are five known Robotboy Bumpers and five bumpers where Robotboy characters appear in. There were a lot more, but they are considered lost. Because the show got it's bumpers around mid-2006, and the City Area stopped a year later, there also weren't a lot made.

When a show was being announced, they were being placed in a Traffic Light. Robotboy also had his own unique sign in this traffic light.

The bumpers that can be found online are:

Focusing on Robotboy:

  • Make Up: A bumper with Robotboy in front of a mirror in Tommy's House, where he uses make up to change him in to Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Popcorn: In this bumper Gus uses Robotboy to make some popcorn. When Robotboy Pings like a microwave, Gus get's the popcorn out of him and inside of Robotboy where the popcorn stood there is the CN logo. (Rupert Degas stars as Gus, but is only humming and cheers as him instead of talking).
  • The Fly: Tommy, Robotboy and Gus are playing in Tommy's backyard. A fly flies and lands on Tommy's nose. Robotboy superactivates and blows up Tommy. Tommy is baked (but unharmed) and the fly flies away from him. (Only the French version still exists online with the French voice actors of Tommy and Gus).
  • Birthday Party: Tommy, Lola and Gus are in Tommy's backyard and walk in the direction of Robotboy. Tommy carries a birthday cake. Robotboy tries to blow the candles, but blows too hard. The whole cake ends up in the faces of Tommy, Lola and Gus. While Tommy and Lola (covered in cake) are looking disgusted, Gus looks like he doesn't mind and starts eating the cake. (Scandinavian version has existed with spoken lines)
  • Kindergarten Kaos: This bumper is not original but is from a scene from the episode Kindergarten Kaos only using a CN City-era background. It's the scene with a crying toddler and Gus puts a lollipop in his mouth to shut him up.
  • Fun Fair: (This is the biggest Robotboy bumper to exist) Robotboy, Tommy, Lola and Gus are on a fun fair. Dr. Kamikazi (in a similar sumo-wrestling outfit as Constantine wore in Human Fist On Ice and in The Consultant) sits on a wooden plank above a container of water. Constantine stand next to him. Lola throws a ball on the target, but didn't throw hard enough, so Kamikazi does't fall into the water. Kamikazi laughs at her but then it is Robotboy's turn who puts the ball in his arm who transforms in a big shooting gun. He hits the target and Kamikazi ends up in the water. In this bumper, Kurt, Bambi and Ambassador Mbola are also been seen, standing around the water basin with Kamikazi. This is of course strange due the fact that in the series, Robotboy has to kept secret from these three characters.

Starring Robotboy characters

  • Pedestrian crossing: In a bumper focusing on Numbuh 2 from Codename Kids Next Door, Tommy appears when he crosses the road on the pedestrian crossing. Strange fact is that he doesn't walk but hops.
  • Gus and Billy: This is a famous one. Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy discovers a light that turns off and on. Billy thinks that every time he claps his hands, he controls the light. So he is laughing in joy. Gus walks by, sees it and stand next to him. He says nothing but doesn't understand Billy's joy. Later he walks away confused or bored.
  • Scientists: Professor Moshimo can be quickly seen talking in a scene with Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory and Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls. It's a quick shot in a bumper focusing on KND.
  • Cartoon Network Toon Cup: ​In a bumper/commercial from Cartoon Network about their online game Toon Cup 2006 ​(launched in 2006) Gus appears in a football outfit and preforms a free kick against Eduardo from ​Foster's Home for imaginary friends, but misses the goal. (It's odd that a Robotboy character appears in the commercial for the game, because none of the Robotboy related characters appeared or was playable in the game itself.) There was also a bumper featuring a Superactivated Robotboy where he was the goalkeeper and stretched out a lot of arms, but despite that Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory managed to kick the ball inside.
  • School: This is a long bumper. It begins in a classroom on a school with several characters from different Cartoon Network shows. Tommy sits at at the window next to Juniper Lee from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. Lola sits on the right side of Juniper Lee. When the School Bell rings, the class cheers and runs out. At the front-door of the school stands Gus, eating a ice-cream. When the class runs out of the school they all run him over and he lands with his face in his ice-cream. Juniper Lee and some other characters trip over a skateboard, which flies trough the air and is captured by Robotboy. Then the CN logo comes in view. This repeats three times and every time a bit faster.

The Nood and Toonix Area

In 2008, Cartoon Network began using a fictional species called "Noods". The noods are white dolls who kept up walking trough rainbows, paints or each other and every time were changed into a Cartoon Network character. The kept the same shape and couldn't talk. Robotboy had only one ''Nood'' and it only showed up when the show was being announced. The Noods were broadcasted in the United States and for a short time in Europe.

In Europe the Noods were quickly replaced with Toonix. The idea is the same, but the dolls are now smaller and instead of cone-like, they are more square. They are white, but most of them do already have a color of character, without losing them. Also the Toonix can show emotions, but mostly only smiling or being scared. The Toonix also didn't last long and were replaced mainly in 2011.

These day only three Robotboy Toonix Toons are known. Robotboy appears in all three of them and Tommy in two. Other characters don't appear. It isn't known if they are more Robotboy Toonix bumpers.

Toonix Bumpers with Robotboy:

  • Free Fall: The position of the camera is on the floor. Robotboy appears in the air, does a salto and falls to the floor. He hits the floor (camera) and we can see a close up of his face.
  • BBQ: Tommy grills some sausages by using Robotboy's flames. (Goof: The sleeves of Tommy's T-shirt are having the same color as his trousers)
  • The Swing: Tommy sits on a swing and swings. Robotboy decides to help him by pushing him forward. He pushes him to hard and Tommy flies out of the swing, trough the air. Robotboy then whistles and walks away, like nothing happened. (In the series he would fly after Tommy and catches him before he lands on the ground)

Check It Area

CHECK is a new identity for the channel that was introduced on May 29, 2010 in the US, along with a new theme and new bumpers. In Europe the branding is being used since 2011 and in some countries after 2012. The network's current branding, designed by Brand New School, makes heavy use of the black and white checkerboard which made up the network's first logo, as well as various CMYK color variations and various patterns.

Only two Robotboy related are known. One is a short video-announcement for Robotboy with three black blocks that shows three different segments from the episode Robotman. And the other one is a simple turning block with a picture from Robotboy from the episode Up a Tree with an announcer mentions a short story and the announcement of Robotboy coming. This first one isn't used anymore and the last one is still being used in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany and Spain.


Watch some bumpers:

CN City Area Bumper Robotboy's Birthday00:07

CN City Area Bumper Robotboy's Birthday

Robotboy's Birthday

CN City Area Bumper Gus Makes Popcorn00:09

CN City Area Bumper Gus Makes Popcorn

Gus Makes Popcorn

CN City Area Bumper Robotboy and Make-up00:16

CN City Area Bumper Robotboy and Make-up

Robotboy changes into Bubbles

CN City Area Bumper Kindergarten Kaos00:11

CN City Area Bumper Kindergarten Kaos

Scene from Kindergarten Chaos, changed into a bumper

CN City Area Bumper Fun Fair00:18

CN City Area Bumper Fun Fair

Also known as: Kamikazi Splah. Sound is missing

​Sound is missing

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