Cheezy Fun for Everyone


UK Airdate
July 26, 2008
Production code
Directed by
Charlie Bean
Script/Written by
Howard Rabinowitz
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Main Villain(s)

"Cheezy Fun for Everyone" (or Cheesy Fun for Everyone) is the 86th episode of the series and the 4th(b) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, Tommy and the gang gets invited to the Chucky's Cheese-O-Rama restaurant to celebrate Robotboy's birthday, the only bad thing is that Kamikazi is watching over to get him into the birthday party.




  • Chucky's Cheese-O-Rama is an obvious parody of "Chuck E. Cheese" and "Wall E. Weasel". The producers used the name "Chucky's Cheese-O-Rama" to possibly avoid a lawsuit.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Pizza feest voor iedereen Pizza Party for everybody
French Joyeux anniversaire ! Happy Birthday
German Käsespaß für Jedermann Cheese fun for everyone
Spanish Cheezy entretenido en todo el mundo Cheezy entertaining all over the world


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