Christmas will not come this year is a short rapsong featured in the episode Christmas Evil.


The music was written by Hans Helewaut who wrote all the music for the series. The lyrics were written by Robert Mittenthal, the writer of the episode. The music is slightly based on Jingle Bells. It's a very short melody with three and four chords.

The song is very short, about 15 secondes long, and was sung by Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine in a television show to get the attention from Tommy. In their song they sing about their plan to ruining Christmas. With reveiling his plan on television, Kamikazi hoped that Tommy would hear it and would try to stop him with Robotboy. If Tommy would come, Kamikazi had a plan to deactived Robotboy (by freezing his batteries) and capture him. The plan would work in the episode.


Kamikazi and Constantine:

Christmas will not come this year.

Children will cry with pain

All their toys grinded to dust, Santa locked in chains

Constantine (spoken): Oh boss, you're so evil


  • The music of the song is based on a famous Christmas carol: Jingle Bells

Listen to the song:

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