Constabot is a robot build and created by Constantine in the episode Constabot.


Constabot was created by Constantine to make a good impression to Dr. Kamikazi and to capture Robotboy for him.

Kamikazi wasn't impressed with Constabot and thought it was a piece of junk. Because he says that, he hurts Constantine's feelings. Therefore Constatine was to hurt to make tapas for Kamikazi, so Kamikazi gave it a try and went out to let Constantine use Constabot to capture Robotboy.

Constabot was launched in to the Bay Area by a Walrusie. In front of Tommy's house he encountered Robotboy, but he was so weak built that he could not fight and felt apart. Robotboy felt pity with him and became his friend.

When Kamikazi came to pick up Constabot, Robotboy followed Constabot into Kamikazi's ship. Tommy hides inside Constabot to rescue Robotboy, but it was getting stuck.

Constantine was so happy with Constabot that he treated him with some new oil. But instead of receiving it, the oil only soiled Tommy.

Robotboy fights Kamikazi's clones and opens a door in the floor of the ship, letting water in it. Constabot walked confused to it and felt through it. He sunk to the bottom of the ocean but it was being eaten by a fish. Meanwhile, he also got crushed by the pressure of the ocean. Therefore Tommy couldn't escape out of him.

Robotboy finds them because Constabot is constantly leaking oil. When they are out of the water, Tommy repairs Constabot and gives it to Gus as a gift to make up to him after he and Robotboy offended him. But Gus isn't happy with Constabot after he says: G-man drools and he demands that Tommy takes him away, making Robotboy angry at Gus.


  • In the game Robot Rescue, Constabot is a boss to defeat in the first level