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Constantine Rising


UK Airdate
November 3, 2005
Episode Code
Directed by
Script/Written by
Scott Peterson
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"Constantine Rising" is the 6th episode of the series and the 3rd(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


'With Dr. Kamikazi in bed with a fever, Constantine decides to try a plot of his own. He kidnaps Lola and lures Tommy and Robotboy to Dr. Kamikazi's lair. Now, Gus is their last hope of rescue.'



  • This is the only episode where Constantine plots his own evil.
  • The second episode of the seven episodes where Robotboy has no speaking lines, although he does scream surprisingly when he get caught by Constantine but it still does not count as he has said a proper word.
  • This is the first time somebody apart from Professor Moshimo calls Gus "Goose". Tommy mistakenly calls him that after agreeing to help his friends from then on even if he doesn't want to.
  • There is a running gag in this episode. Whenever Constantine or Gus would call Lola "Tommy's girlfriend", Tommy gets mad and tells them "Lola's not my girlfriend!" when it's quite obvious she is.
  • The episode title is a portmanteau on "Constantine" and "Constantly Rising".
  • The Dutch dubbed version of episode 3 (Constantine Rising and Teasbots) are missing. The Dutch Cartoon Network has lost the episode after its Original broadcast in 2008. Therefore it hasn't been broadcast anymore, neither can the episode found online in Dutch. Because of this all the other episodes of season 1 are now broadcasted (Robotboy is still being broadcasted in 2016 on Dutch television) randomly instead of in order of number.

In other languages

Int. Languages Int. Title Translation
Dutch Unknown (Episode lost) -
French Constantin contre Kamikazi Constantine against Kamikazi
German Constantine steigt auf Constantine rises
Hebrew קונסטנטין בעלייה (Constantine Be'aliya) Constantine in Rising
Italian I Tre Anelli The Three Rings
Spanish Levantamiento de Constantine Constantine Uprising


​Watch the episode

Constantine Rising11:31

Constantine Rising

Season 1, Episode 3b

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