First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced by
Lewis MacLeod
Sports Mechanical/Dance Teaching robot
Programmed Male

Cruelio is a Sports Mechanical/Dance Teaching robot who only appeared in the episode "Robolympics". A robot that participated at the Robolympics to compete the other robots to become the champion. He unfortunately got destroyed by a basketball that had a bomb inside, although he probably isn't 100% dead since it seems like he can still speak with only his head and can still play hip-hop music.


He appears as an adult sized robot with grey color, he has a few red buttons on his chest and his ears play as the speakers whenever somebody wants to hear hip-hop music since that's his style of genre.


  • His name is a portmanteau of "cruel" and the name the hip-hop artist; Coolio, hence the music style he dances.
  • His theme music can also be heard on the episode "Aunty Gravitee" inside the freak-show center though more remixed with an alien music put together.


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