"Crying Time" is the 25th episode of the series and the 13th(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


When Tommy cries in his home after being bullied by Bambi, Robotboy learns what crying is, and Kamikazi found a way to get Robotboy by making him cry and drain his hydraulic fluid to take advantage of him to take over the world.


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Bambi teases Tommy for not knowing how to talk to attractive women, causing him to cry. Back home, Robotboy sees Tommy's dilemma and asks him why his eyes are wet. Tommy tearfully tells him about crying, making Robotboy want to cry like humans.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kamikazi, having just spied on the Turnbull residence, is brought a fish for a snack from Constantine. He spits it out, calling it "The worst fish in the history of the ocean!". Constantine remarks that the fish's oils would be good for him, which gives Kamikazi an idea: oil is the only liquid in a robot, so he can manage to take control of him... if he can get him to cry and freeze up, of course.

The next morning, Mrs. Turnbull gives Tommy and Gus tickets to a matinee about a lonely candy maker who makes a boy out of chocolate, named Mochio. The play goes well as usual, with Mochio having his peppermint nose grow a few inches every time he says "Bummer" and using his power to defeat a few of Kamikazi's minions. But when the candy maker, played by Constantine, dies, Robotboy tears up and deactivates due to the lack of oil in his system. This gives Kamikazi and his accomplices a chance to capture Tommy and Gus.

The boys wake up in Kamikazi's ship, where Kamikazi, via monitor, tells him that he brainwashed Robotboy to work for him, and tells his new companion to super-activate and destroy Tommy. Gus meanwhile hides in the refrigerator. Tommy tries to escape Robotboy's wrath and runs through a bunch of booby traps, ending in a room with Kamikazi's bug minions. With Tommy cornered and grabbed by the minions, Tommy begs Robotboy not to kill him, crying as he does so. Robotboy senses his tears, which makes him remember when he himself cried, refreshing his memory. His old self restored, he destroys all of Kamikazi's bug minions before reverting back to his normal mode.

During his and Tommy's reunion, Robotboy says that he's happy Tommy's a crybaby. Tommy objects to this at first, but soon agrees. Kamikazi, enraged, orders Constantine to summon super-activated Mochio, but Gus had already gobbled up the whole thing. On their way home, Gus brags about his victory, which gets him thrown in the water.



  • Bambi: I knew it! You obviously have no idea how to talk to an attractive person! You're, uh, real... stupid.
  • Robotboy: Why Tommy's eyes wet? Tommy: It's nothing, Ro. It's just something with Bambi.
  • Robotboy: Bambi bad. Robotboy smash Bambi!
  • Dr. Kamikazi: That's it! The only liquid in a robot's system is oil! If Robotboy were to cry, the loss of his precious lubrication would cause him to freeze up! If i find a way to make him cry like a baby, then we can brainwash him and take over the world!
  • Mochio: But... I'm not a real boy?! What a bummer.
  • Dr. Kamikazi: He's not Ro anymore! He's a finely tuned killer robot...who does exactly what I say. And I say...GET HIM!
  • Tommy: Please, Ro, try to remember! It's me, Tommy! Please!
  • Robotboy: Robotboy happy Tommy crybaby.


  • The theater play Kamikazi sets up is based on Pinocchio.
  • This is the only episode written by Richard Liebmann-Smith.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Mochio.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Huilbaby Crybaby
French Robotboy veut pleurer Robotboy wants to Cry
German Weinen tut gut Crying is Fine
Hebrew זמן לבכות (Zman Livkot) Time to Cry
Spanish Tiempo de llorar Time to cry


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