Robotboy, say "hello" to Sparky!" - Tommy

"Dog-Ra" is the 1st episode of the series, the 1st(a) episode of Season 1 and the series premiere of Robotboy. In this episode Tommy and Gus rescue a lost puppy, and Tommy decides to keep him. Meanwhile, when Tommy and his family leave Robotboy alone in the house, the dog transforms into a half beast-half machine, with his sights set on Robotboy.


After Tommy and Gus returns from school they suddenly hear the voice of a puppy being trapped in the middle of the traffic, and Tommy immediately saves the puppy from being killed in the traffic. After saving the puppy it licks on Tommy's cheek as an affection for his rescuing and while Gus wants to clap the little puppy it pees on his foot regarding that he doesn't like Gus at all.

Later on Tommy's house Tommy decide to get Robotboy and show him about the puppy they found, while Gus try to find a name for the puppy Tommy returns and decide to name the puppy to Sparky even though Gus does not agree with it's name. When Tommy was going to show Robotboy to the puppy Robotboy becomes happy to see the puppy but suddenly seems surprised and super-activates to attack the little puppy but Tommy stops him. The puppy becomes scared and goes to Tommy's arms and both he and Tommy go inside to present to his parents.

While presenting the puppy to the family, a little argument starts when Gus reminds Tommy that they both found him and tries to decide who's going to keep the puppy. By the puppy's behavior to Gus it seems that he stays with the Turnbull's while Gus runs home for stenches after the puppy bit him off.

Meanwhile inside Tommy's bedroom Tommy asks Robotboy why he tried to hurt Sparky (the puppy). Robotboy explains that he could sense that Sparky was evil and wanted to destroy him, and Tommy believes that he's jealous. He later explains to Robtoboy what "Jealous" means and tells him that he's keeping the dog.

At a food-market Gus tries to find some dog-treats to be able to get Sparky's attention so he can keep him. By testing the dog treat he bought he tries on another dog if it likes the treat but instead he gets urinated to his hand from the dog.

At bedtime Tommy and Robotboy argues about not deactivating Robotboy himself. Tommy thinks he needs his batteries loaded for tomorrow, but Robotboy opens his buttocks to show him that he's loaded and tries to explain that there's no need to be deactivated for the night. Tommy shuts down the light and goes to bed while Robotboy keeps his eyes to Sparky.

The next morning we see Gus at his bedroom being waked up with water by his father Jebediah at 4.00 am. Meanwhile Gus goes to the kitchen and finds a stuffed pig-head being cooked for dinner and gives him the idea of giving to Sparky to win his love so he can keep him once and for all. So he takes the pig-head and starts running away with it and suddenly another dog smells the pig-head and starts to chase Gus to eat it. And unfortunately Gus drops his pig-head on the ground and the dog that chased him starts to eat the pig-head leading Gus to cry for his failure.

At Tommy's bedroom Tommy tells his important rule to Robotboy about not hurting Sparky and goes out with his family. Suddenly Robotboy hears a big roar from Sparky and then sees Sparky turning into a monstrous machine being prepared to battle with Robotboy, Meanwhile at Kamikazi's headquarters, it is revealed that he is the one controlling the robot-dog named Dog-Ra and he is watching over his actions. Robotboy has super-activated in order to fight back but starts to remember Tommy's rule and decides not to fight at all but being attacked by Dog-Ra at the same time leading to destroy a bit of Tommy's house. Meanwhile, Kamikazi and his companion Constantine flies with their flying saucer (shaped like a bone) to get into Dog-Ra if he catches Robotboy. When Tommy returns by himself he get's surprised and calls for Robotboy but leaving him disappointed to Robotboy for not taking orders from him and decide to deactivate him and remove his batteries for his punishment. Suddenly, Sparky transforms into the Dog-Ra and smacks on Tommy and taking the deactivated Robotboy with him to Dr Kamikazi only and flies away. When Dr Kamikazi realize that he needs Robotboy's batteries he calls for him to return.

The reason for Dog-Ra to disappear would be for Gus while he was using his Dog-whistler and suddenly Dog-Ra appears to him and seems to wanna attack Gus and Gus runs into the Bay Area Park. Meanwhile Tommy recover the batteries to Robotboy and activates him and Robotboy starts to battle with the Dog-Ra and wins the battle by putting on a very strong tape and throw him at Kamikazi and Constantine so they fly away. Afterwards Tommy apologies to Robotboy and then asks if he could forgive him, but Robotboy answers "never" leaving Tommy desperate but turns out to be a joke and then they hug to each other with laughter but suddenly Tommy wonders where Gus is and we find out that he's under the park's bench sleeping.



First appearance of Robotboy, Tommy, Gus, Dwight Turnbull, Donnie Turnbull, Debbie Turnbull, Jebediah Turner, Hester Turner, Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Wolf in puppykleren Wolf in puppy clothes
French Attaque, Sparky ! Attack, Sparky!
German Monsterhund Monster dog
Hebrew כלב רע (Kelev Ra) Dog Ra (The literal meaning is Bad Dog)
Italian L'apparenza inganna Appearances are deceiving
Polish Pies-Ra Dog-Ra
Porugueses (Brazil) O Cão-Ra The Dog-Ra
Spanish Dog-Ra Dog-Ra
Swedish Hund-Ren Dog-ra


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