"Don't Fight It" is the 11th episode of the series and the 6th(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


When Robotboy has his Aggro meter high, he attacks everything- even a falling leaf- and he fights everything. After a few tests of Gus getting hurt, Tommy eventually sets his Aggro meter too low, making him unable to fight when Kamikazi shows up, Robotboy can't fight. When Kamikazi captures him, he tries to make him fight, by throwing Tommy off of the edge of a cliff which makes him Superactivate. Kamikazi's plan backfires and then Robotboy defeats all of Kamikazi's forces.


  • Robotboy
  • Tommy
  • Professor Moshimo
  • Dr. Kamikazi
  • Constantine
  • Gus


  • This episode has a few references to The Simpsons:
    • Donnie makes Gus "hit himself", similar to how Nelson Muntz, while beating some kids, says "Stop hitting yourself!", "Stop zapping yourself!" or "Stop endangering yourself!".
    • When Robotboy destroys the arcade, the owner bans Tommy from the arcade for at least a week, similar to how Hollis Hurlbut banned Lisa and Homer from the Historical Society museum for 3 months in Lisa the Iconoclast.
    • Goof: In the scene where Superactivated Robotboy throws a bomb down in front of the Octopus Men, the tentacles in front of their mouths go missing for a split second.
    • Possible Goof: When one of the Octopus Men first appear and loom over Tommy and Ro, his eyes have cat-like pupils and sideways eyelids. This seems to have been done for dramatic purposes since they don't show up again for the rest of the episode.
    • Goof: When Robotboy dispenses the bomb, the metal part below his hand is miscolored blue when it should be grey.
    • The chameleon Kamikazi had in "Metal Monster" reappears in this episode, making him/her the first out of two of his exotic pets to show up in more than one episode, the second being his leopard which appeared in "Crying Time", "The Babysitter", and "Cast-Iron Constantine".


In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Vechten voor een vriend Fighting for a Friend
French Non-violence Nonviolence
German Der Agressionskondensator The aggression condenser
Hebrew אל תילחם בזה (Al Tilahem Beze) Don't Fight It
Italian non combatterla Do not Fight
Spanish No luches Do not Fight


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