Dr. Kamikazi: He's rich like Abramovich
Release Date
Unknown (possibly 2009)
Hip-Hop, Rap, Children's music
Unknown (possibly Hans Helewaut)
Sung by

Dr. Kamikazi: He's rich like Abramovich is a very rare special feature Hip-Hop song that appeared on the Cartoon Network UK site. It was presumably sung by Rupert Degas using his Constantine voice with some snippets of Dr. Kamikazi.


Kamikazi: My created genius is unparalleled. (Spoken)

Constantine: Yo, yo, check, check, are we recording darling?

City As is cool, but the pants is hot, Kamikazi needs a lady to complete the plot. His booty is fly, he's not shy, he's a guy, who's main vacation is steal a robot from a child. The world is full of fakers in this industry, you can see the moneymakers making money for free. No hummus for him, he's got a flying ship. He is the man with a plan, and yet his plan is hip.


Female Singer: Doctor Kamikazi (sung)

Constantine: He is down rich you know? (spoken)

Female Singer: Feared by everbody (sung)

Constantine: You got to face your fears (spoken)

Female Singer: But the little guy is lonely (sung)

Constantine: Lonely but not needy (spoken)

Female Singer: Looking for his one and only (sung)

Constantine: It doesn't hurt to look (spoken)

Constantine (continues to sing): And now i contine using a pair (Pair: Hell yes!) When he doesn't get his way you can guess the rest. He is not short, he is small and his makings gonna fall, but with Robotboy he can control the world. He is like Britney Spears and is not to loose, but he needs a hurry to complete his course. If you like what you hear, don't dig it to mean, you need to call the number on the bottom of the screen!


Female Singer: Doctor Kamikazi (Sung)

Constantine: He is not a real doctor! (spoken)

Female Singer: Feared by everybody (sung)

Constantine: Everybody but me (spoken)

Female Singer: But the little guy is lonely (sung)

Constantine: It's good to be alone (spoken)

Female Singer: Looking for his one and only (sung)

Constantine: What am i, chopped liver? (spoken)

Kamikazi: (Screams)

Male and female singer repeats: He is rich (sung) Constantine: (Cries)

Kamikazi: I am a genius (spoken)

Constantine: Whatever (spoken)

Kamikazi: A twisted, evil genius (spoken)

Constantine: Oke (spoken)

Kamikazi: (Laughs evilly)

Constantine: Oeh, don't shout at me (spoken)

Kamikazi: Robotboy is not a toy. He is a mighty and i use him to enslave the world (spoken)

Constantine: But what if he let you down? (spoken)


  • This is the only song from the series that isn't featured in any of the episodes and is an official Robotboy feature.
  • Eiji Kusuhara didn't collaborate and portray Dr. Kamikazi in this song. Spoken lines from different episodes from seasons 1 and 2 were used instead. The reason is unknown. Perhaps it wasn't necessary or never written for him. But it's also possible that he was already too ill to perform.
  • There should be a clip with extra material and moving clips from the series, but it's considered lost. It was avaible for a short time on the Cartoon Network UK website. You can access the website on Wayback but unfortunately you can not access the video.
  • In the series it was never mentioned that Kamikazi was lonely or in search for a girlfriend. The only woman attracted to him was Agent Kalaschnikov but he was to shy to talk to her and in the end of the episode he mentioned that he was happy that she failed because he is "too young to marry" (He is seen with several women in that part, but it's unknown what happened with them).
  • There are only two references to the show. The lines "stealing a robot from a child" refers to Kamikazi's endless attempts to steal Robotboy from Tommy, and the line "with Robotboy he can control the world" refers to the fact that world domination is the main reason for Kamikazi to steal Robotboy and why Moshimo has to send him somewhere safe.
  • The title of the sung refers to Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman, investor, and politician. According to Forbes, Abramovich's net worth in 2015 was US$ 8.3 billion, making him the 12th richest person in Russia, and the 137th richest person in the world.
  • In the song, Constantine mentions Britney Spears, an American singer, dancer and actress. Along with Roman Abramovich and Santa Claus they are the only three excisting persons or fictional characters that were ever mentioned in relation of the show.

​The song

Robotboy Rap Dr Kamikazi He's rich like Abramovich02:07

Robotboy Rap Dr Kamikazi He's rich like Abramovich

Dr Kamikazi: He's rich like Abramovich

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