"Everybody loves grandma" is the 102nd episode of the series and the 12th(b) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, when Yakitori feels angry of not having a family to be with he decide to destroy every family on Earth to feel more better for himself. Meanwhile, Grandma Turnbull comes to visit the Turnbull's to stay with them for a while only that she's in unaware that she's in danger when Yakitori's robots come to destroy her and the rest of the family.




  • Goof: In the scene when Robotboy greets himself to Grandma T, when he speaks he has a red mouth inside instead of blue.
  • The first and presumably the last appearance of Grandma Turnbull.
  • Gus is in the whole episode in the présence of Tommy and Grandma T when they are around the house. Mostly around grandma T. But wen the Turnbull familly goes to the beach, Gus isn't with them. Either he didn't go with them to the beach and waited for them at home of he was with them af the beach, but off-screen. Also Donny wasn't at the beach.
  • This is the last appearances of Donnie Turnbull, Dwight Turnbull and General Yakitori in the show.
  • The title of the episode is a pun on the American sitcom comedy Everybody loves Raymond with Ray Romano.
  • It's reveald in this episode that Tommy thought that Hester was Gus his grandmother instead of his mother. But in the episode Runaway Robot he knew that Hester and Jebediah were Gus his parents.
  • When Tommy saves Robotboy from general Yakitori and Gus and grandma T arrive, they are standing on a spot that was used before in Zap! You're Old. The mailbox with pictures of Special Agent and Brian the Consultant from that episode, appears again in this scene.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Goede, Oude Oma Goold, Old Grandma
French Un Amour de mamie A Love for Granny
German Alle lieben Großmutter Everyone loves granny
Spanish Todos aman a la Abuela Everybody loves grandma