Evil 17


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Dr. Kamikazi (formely), Constantine (formely), Robotboy
Being transformed into a doubleganger of Tommy and trick Robotboy to take over the world for Dr. Kamikazi

Evil17 is the sneakiest secret agent of the world, according to Dr. Kamikazi.

He was a hired by Dr. Kamikazi who preformed a micro-surgery on him so that he looked exactly like Tommy. Kamikazi even changed his voice so that he also would sound like Tommy. Disguised as Tommy his mission was to give Robotboy orders to take over the world for Dr. Kamikazi.

Double Tommy

Kamikazi kidnaps the real Tommy and replaced him with Evil 17. Gus doesn't notice Tommy's abduction and the replacement and believes that Evil 17 is Tommy. Also Donnie believes that Evil 17 is his little brother. When he sees Evil 17 (thinking it is Tommy) he says that he thought one of his farts came alive. Because of that Evil 17 slaps him in the face and kicks him away.

Robotboy also believes that Evil 17 is the real Tommy. But when Dr. Kamikazi decides that it is time for Evil 17 to come in to action, he refuses. He likes the life that Tommy lives and wants to stay Tommy, explaining that it is almost a vacation for him. He also develops a crush on Tommy's mum.

Kamikazi is furious and decides to come to him to show him who is the boss. In the meantime the real Tommy escapes and travels along with Kamikazi.

Meanwhile when Evil 17 and Robotboy are in the park, Evil 17 demands from Robotboy to steal a dog from a man and hand it over to him, because he never owned one. But then Dr. Kamikazi shows up and demand Evil 17 to listen to him. Robotboy goes into his Superactivation Mode to protect Evil 17 (still thinking that it is Tommy) and fights the clones.

But Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine have captured Evil 17 and Kamikazi begins to shout at Evil 17. When Robotboy wants to protect him, the real Tommy comes out of Kamikazi's plane and tells Robotboy that he was kidnapped by Kamikazi and replaced with Evil 17. Evil 17 denies this and even states that he is the real Tommy and that the real Tommy is one of Kamikazi's clones because he came off his airplane. Robotboy believes him and just before he destroys the real Tommy he discovers that the real Tommy is wearing his Activation Watch and when he looks at Evil 17 he sees that his beard has become to grow back.

Evil 17 tries to explain that kids these days grow up so fast, but Robotboy isn't buying it and throws him in Kamikazi's airplane just before he takes off.


  • it isn't known if Dr. Kamikazi has changed him back to his orignal body. If he didn't because he is angry at him, that means that he is still a doubleganger of Tommy. It is also a option that Kamikazi killed him off in his volcano like he tried to do with the real Tommy in two other episodes.
  • Evil 17 was only seen and mentioned in the episode Double Tommy
  • Evil 17 is married. He mentioned his wife after he saw himself for the first time as Tommy in the mirror after Kamikazi's surgery and asks: What is my wife gonna say?