"Feline Frenzy" is the 42nd episode of the series and the 8th(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


In this episode Kamikazi kidnaps every cat in the Bay Area including Lola's cat Princess and turns them into stone-aged beasts using his evolution-gun.





  • When Princess walks out of Lola's room to Constantine, there is a shot appearance of a big poster of Tommy hanging on Lola's wall. Similar to the episode valentine's day where she also kept a picture of Tommy in her locker.
  • Princess could be an indoor/outdoor cat, which could be why we don't see much of her outside of this episode. Plus Lola says, "Princess has never been gone this long" implying that Princess often explores around outside for short periods of times. She probably leaves through the same open window in Lola's room that she jumped out of when she was following the cat-fodder scent.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Katsdolheid Cat Rabiës*
French Folie Féline Feline Frenzy
German Katzen-Wahnsinn Cat madness
Spanish Frenesí felino Feline Frenzy

*In Dutch Hondsdolheid = rabiës and Hond = Dog. A kat = cat. The word Hond (Dog) is replaced by Kat (cat), so there really isn't a good translation for the Dutch name of this episode.


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