Felonious Hexx's Zombie Slave Song

Zombie Slave

Release Date
August 30, 2008
Sung by
Adam Cohen

Felonious Hexx's Zombie Song is a musical song number that appeared in the episode Bad Nanny! of Robotboy.


The music was written by Hans Helewaut who wrote all the music for the series. The lyrics were written by Adam Cohen, the writer of the episode.

It is a simple melody played on one or two pianos and Felonious Hexx (Lewis MacLeod) singing about how nice it is to finally have his revenge on Gus and uses him as a zombie.

The lyrics that he sings is sometimes throughout the song out of his length and more spoken then sung. Throughout the song, Gus can be heard moaning.

At the end of the song, Tommy and a magical key notice that the song is awful and the key says that Hexx is singing in the wrong key.


Dusting is such a boar(ing), i hate mopping even more. As less my zombie slave is doing it.

And when i clap my hands, scrub those dirty pans while i dance around and taunt you mercilessly. Oh it's so nice to get revenge after waiting for so long, after waiting for so long, after waiting for so long! You stupid blathering, dulling, headling fool.

Oh it's very plain to see that i am as happy as can be, when my zombie slave is cleaning at my feet. And if you make mistakes, i will kick you in the face! You stupid, babbling, ugly empty-headed fool


  • From all the songs that were made for starring in the episodes, this is the longest of them all.

Listen to the song

Felonious Hexx's Zombie Slave Song-001:19

Felonious Hexx's Zombie Slave Song-0

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