"Fight" is the 47th episode of the series and the 11th(a) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


Kurt forces Tommy to have a fight with him in school recess after Bambi kissed on Tommy's cheek. Meanwhile Tommy finds out a way to make the fight easier by using mind-controllable hats between him and Robotboy to allow Robotboy make the fighting skills to Tommy.




  • Goof: In the last seconds where the gang is talking about the fight, the first shot shows a far glimpse of Gus having the mind-controllable hat on him without the blue hat cover and with two more shots quickly the blue hat cover returns on his hat from nowhere.
  • The second time for Kamikazi to wear the same clothes he had on "Party Out Of Bounds" where he is also known as "DJ-Kazi".
  • The way Kurt wipes his nose before the fight starts is possibly a reference to the late martial-artist/actor Bruce Lee when he wiped his nose before a battle.
  • The storyboard designer of this episode was Nicolas Blard. This was the only Robotboy episode he worked on. Although he usually save his drawings and uploads them on his website, this is the only project he didn't save. Therefore the storyboard of this episode is currently lost. He confirmed however that he may still have the storyboard (or parts of it) somewhere in his office or at home, but he doesn't know where.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Het gevecht The fight
French Baston pour Bambi Fighting over Bambi
German Der Faustkampf The fist fight
Spanish Lucha Fight


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