The Frogmen are a group of clones created by Dr. Kamikazi to attack Robotboy.

They are half frog and half man and are designed to attack in and around water areas. They are wearing diving suits with a scuba tank and moving themselves by using jetski's.

They are one of the best known Kamikazi clones and the one used the most in or for the series.


Before the show aired for the first time, they made a appearance in the Robotboy comic Kami-Safari. In this comic they had a different look and didn't wear their diving suits yet.

In the show they only made two appearances in the season 1 episodes Sweet Revenge and Underwater.

They later returned on the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM and the Cartoon Network website as the main villians in the game Tommy Takeaway. Their animations in this game were previously used in the episode Sweet Revenge.

The Frogmen also appear in Tommy Takeaway's sequel, Robot Rescue, as the prominent enemies of the second level.


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