Green Alien Minions

Alien minons

First Appearance
First Appearance
Voiced by
To catch Robotboy for The Green Alien, so that he can destroy Robotboy and take over the world

The Green Alien Minions are what their name is suggesting, the minions of The Green Alien. There only appeared in one episode: Udder Madness.

They are very little in comparison with The Green Alien. The yellow minion has one eye and three ears, while the Purple minion has five eyes and four armes.

Their occupation is that they have to catch Robotboy and bring him to their boss. He wants to conquer planet earth and knows that Robotboy is the only one that can stop him from doing that. So he sends his minions to kidnapp him. But they fail every time.

First they try to capture Robotboy with a robotcow. But the plan backfires when Farmer Stenkie thinks the cow is real and brings it back to the other cows. Later they disguise themself as a lettuce, but are trown in a manure machine by Robotboy. Their next attempt is to catch Robotboy in a egg, dressed as chickens. This plan works, but they are stopped and attacked by a angry rooster and Robotboy escaped. In their final attempt they kidnapp Farmer Stinkie and replace him with a robot. The purple minion accidentally hits a button and reveals himself, freaking out Gus and let Tommy know that they are in danger.

They yellow minion helds Tommy and Gus at gunpoint while they take Robotboy with them. But they are attacked by the Cow and the Rooster who they kidnapped earlier. They beam themselfs back to the spaceship of The Green Alien, taking Tommy, Gus, The Cow and The Rooster with them. There are they being defeated by the cow and rooster.

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