This page is about the prototype script of Cleaning Day. Looking for the episode? Click HERE.

Halloween is an early script of Cleaning Day, that was found on Cindy Morrow's now-deleted website. It contains many differences from the finished episode. A list of differences can be found here.


  • This is one of the only two episode scripts that were released online, the other one being that of Robogus and the G-Machine.
  • The reason for the name of the script is unknown.
  • The script's filename is "CleaningDay3rd.pdf", which might mean this is the third draft of the episode or the third episode of the series.
  • The Human Fist and Donnie Turnbull are completely absent in this version of the episode, and Robotboy saved the day instead of Donnie.
  • This script mentions Bambi's little brother.
  • Bambi was actually supposed to appear in the episode according to the script.
  • The counselor was supposed to make an actual appearance in the episode.
  • Unlike the finished episode, it is mentioned that Booker's new adoptive parents are scientists and they found him one of the smartest and fun kids they've ever met.

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