Kamikazi Kidnap


Single Player
Sky Games
Release Date
March 2007

Kamikazi Kidnap is the first game of the four Robotboy games developed by Denki for the Sky Television's now-defunct Sky Games (formerly Sky Gamestar) service and released in March 2007.


Dr. Kamikazi kidnapped Tommy, Gus and Lola and it's up to Robotboy to save them all. However, Dr. Kamikazi transmitted a jamming virus that disables Robotboy's key capacitors and prevents him from Superactivating and using his full range of powers, and Robotboy has to get past the virus transmitters and save his friends.


This game is a simple action platformer game. Robotboy can collect Power Crystals that can be given to Professor Moshimo to help him with experiments. Blue Power Crystals are worth 10 points and Red Power Crystals are worth 20 points. To attack enemies, Robotboy needs to punch them while flying or stomp them while falling. If he gets damaged by an enemy, his health bar decreases, but it can be increased by collecting batteries. Each enemy is worth 15 points. To complete a level, Robotboy has to pass the virus transmitters. After completing a level, Robotboy Superactivates and can fly or shoot laser blasters.


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