"Kamikazi Nightmare" is the 22nd of the series and the 11th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy. In this episode Kamikazi uses a nightmare-gun towards Tommy in order to have a frightful nightmare while he sleeps and as a result he gets it and suddenly activates Robotboy to kill the things from his dream and gets in trouble for destroying his bedroom and Dwight takes Robotboy with him to sell him.


Tommy dreamed about him as a commander of a robot army chasing Kamikazi along with Robotboy's Superactive Mode. When Kamikazi notices the dream through a nightmare-gun, and uses it to turn giant and turn Tommy's dream into a nightmare. After waking up, Tommy accidentally activates Robotboy, who superactivates to protect Tommy. Tommy gets in trouble for destroying his bedroom and Dwight takes Robotboy with him to sell him. He sold him to Kamikazi and Constantine, who pretended to be toy collectors. When Tommy finds about that, he, Gus and Lola make a poisonous Tapas that gives nightmares and hallucinations and give it to Kamikazi as a revenge. Constatine suspects in Kamikazi and tells him not to eat it, but Kamikazi already ate it, and started hallucinating. Due to hallucinating, Kamikazi was electrified, causing the entire room to be electrified and reveal it's filled with insects from Kamikazi's nightmare that became real. Tommy activated Robotboy, who superactivated to destroy all the insects to protect him and his friends. In the end of the episode, Tommy, Robotboy and friends discover Gus ate the remaining Tapas, resulting in a snail coming out of his ear. Tommy, Robotboy and Lola ran away, and Gus ate the snail and grew a snail leg.



  • Tommy's first instinct after awakening from a nightmare is to activate Robotboy, who immediately senses that his best friend is in trouble. Ro then Superactivates and starts to blast everything in Tommy's room (and Donnie's room, incidentally) without taking the time to scan around for real threats since his only priority was to protect Tommy. This scene implies that this isn't the first time that's happened.
  • This scene also reveals one way of how Robotboy knows when Tommy is in trouble. He has a built-in vitals scanner that picks up on Tommy's brain activity and heart rate, which could be how Ro found out about him being kidnapped in "The Consultant".
  • Oddly this episode reveals that Kamikazi has entomophobia, or a fear of insects. It's odd because he's made fly clones in "Metal Monster" and later on made spider clones in "Robot Rebels". But this just could mean he has a fear of them crawling on him.
  • This episode also reveals that tapas is the only food Kamikazi eats, though this isn't exactly true. It is a dish that Kamikazi constantly favors, though.
  • Lola most likely got the African tree bark from her own house, which has many African artifacts and, presumably, plants.
  • This episode shows that Dwight either is an employee of or owns a sports shop (literally called "Sports Store"), which might be where Donnie's work-out equipment comes from and how Dwight got a tether ball pole in "Tether Tommy".
  • Goof: When Tommy, Lola and Gus are captured and strapped, Tommy can't reach Robotboy's Activation Watch to activate Robotboy, because his arms are strapped to tight. The watch is on his left arm at this point. When Kamikazi's nightmare becomes real, the kids are screaming in terror. The watch is now placed on his right arm so that Lola can press the button to activate Robotboy. When Robotboy releases them, the watch is back on Tommy's left arm.
  • Kamikazi doesn't seem to realize or know that Robotboy can only be activated via the watch.
  • When Constantine was sent to check out the noise Gus had made outside the hotel, he jumped from the balcony of his and Kamikazi's room and down 6 stories, which would normally either seriously maim or kill a human.
  • The curtains in Tommy's window are red with pinkish spots instead of the green they usually are. It's possible Deb replaces them once in awhile to wash them.
  • Goof: After Robotboy Superactivates, his right and left hands turn into a blaster and a ray gun respectively. When the scene goes back to Ro after Donnie pokes his head in through one of the holes in wall, his right hand is the ray gun and his left is his normal hand. His left is shown as the ray gun again after he's done shooting. The blaster was also never used.
  • Goof: When Ro is done shooting and looking at Tommy, his left elbow joint is colored dark blue and the lines on his mouth are black instead of white.
  • Lola actually kissed Tommy on the lips after she told him that he'd get Robotboy back. Tommy didn't object it and wasn't grossed out, either. In fact, Gus just stood off to the side, whistling as he waited for the moment to be over.
  • Goof: After Superactivated Robotboy defeats the nightmare bugs and turns around to free the kids, you can see that Gus' and Lola's positions have been switched. Gus was previously to the right of Tommy and Lola was on his left.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Nachtmerrie Kazi A Kazi Nightmare
French Kami-cauchemars Kamikazi Nightmares
Hebrew הסיוט של קמיקזי (Hasiut Shel Kamikazi) Kamikazi's Nightmare
German Kamikazis Albtraum Kamikazi's Nightmare
Spanish Pesadilla de Kamikazi Nightmare from Kamikazi
Swedish Kamikazi Mardröm Kamikazi Nightmare


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