"Kamispazi" is the 49th episode of the series and the 12th(a) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


While it's Mother's Day, Dr. Kamikazi sends a gift card to Tommy to give it to his mother Debs to appear at a spa made from him while sending Constantine disguised as Debsto get Robotboy.



  • Constantine: What do I do? The boss is knocked-out. Tommy is gonna be eaten by that nasty pussycat. And there is water all over my nice new floor! (last sentence screaming)


  • The episode title is a portmanteau on Spa and Kamikazi.
  • Goof: After Kamikazi turned his pet tiger in a machine that makes him muscular and strong, the tiger destroys the machine. But later Tommy lures the tiger in to the same machine to change him into a little kitten. This should be impossible, because the tiger destroyed the machine.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Kazi's Schoonheidssalon Kazi's Spa
French La fête des mères Mother's Day
German Kazi-Wellnes Kazi Spa
Spanish Kamispazi Kamispazi


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