- Don't get picked on, get your krunch on! (Slogan)
Kazi-Krunch Bars are Chocolate Bars Made by Dr. Kamikazi. It was only used and seen in the episode Sweet Revenge.


They were used by Dr. Kamikazi in a fake tv commercial he only broadcasted on Gus his television.

The purpose of this was to lure Gus, who was taking care of Robotboy while Tommy was in hospital. Kamikazi told that the Kazi-Krunch bar would make the person eating it strong and powerful without working for it. He knew that Gus would fall for it and would use Robotboy to get this candy for him that didn't exist.

Gus searches every shop and factory in The Bay Area to find the Kazi-Krunch. But nobody has ever heard of it or knows what it is. This angers Gus who then uses Robotboy to destroy the shops to look if they really haven't any Kazi-Krunch.

After searching everywhere, Gus is desperate for the chocolate. Just as he gives up, Kamikazi flies above him in his air balloon, complete with the fake logo and colors of his fake chocolate candy.

Gus follows the ship to the harbor where Kamikazi drops down a big pile of Kazi-Krunch bars on top of Gus. Happily he starts to eat them and gets distracted. Therefore he doesn't notice that Kamikazi and Constantine are flying towards him. When he shares a Kazi-Krunch bar with Robotboy and Robotboy takes a bite, his systems are getting stuck from the chocolate and he deactivates.

Because Gus is somewhat cowardly and doesn't know how to handle the situation, Kamikazi get his hands on Robotboy and takes him with him, leaving Gus behind with the pile of Kazi-Krunch bars.

Kazi Krunch

The chocolate bars are probably a cheap type of chocolate bars from a supermarket. Kamikazi removed the wrapping and replaced it with his Kazi-Krunch paper.

According to Dr. Kamikazi the Kazi-Krunch bar is 100% made of sugar and artificial, colored flavors. Also it is the sweetest candy in the world. When eating it, it gives the person a unlimited strength and power.


Grand Candy Guzzling Face-off Cartoon Network

Grand Candy Guzzling Face-off Cartoon Network

A video published by Cartoon Network. Competitive greediness between Gus and Robotboy. But who can eat the most candy?! The candy is the Kazi-Krunch bar and the scenes are from the same episode.