Lance Chestwax is a one-time villain who only appears in the episode C.H.O.P. He is an arrogant TV star who appears in C.H.O.P, one of Robotboy's favorite TV shows, along his partner with the same name, until he was betrayed. He was also shown to be a womanizer, until his true self was revealed.


Lance Chestwax has blonde hear, and wears a white undershirt, a black jacket and blue skinny jeans. However, in reality, his hair is fake, and he's shown to be partially bald with parts of white hair in the sides. He's actually pretty fat too, and his teeth are also fake.


Lance Chestwax's true appearance


Lance Chestwax appears in one of Robotboy's favorite TV shows, along with C.H.O.P, his partner. C.H.O.P cares about Lance, unlike Lance who doesn't show signs of caring about C.H.O.P. He dismissed C.H.O.P to create a new show called S.U.B, making C.H.O.P furious. When C.H.O.P comes to the filming area, he tries to remind Lance that they were a team, only for Lance to say he only cares about show business. S.U.B then attempts to destroy C.H.O.P, only for Robotboy to protect him. After Robotboy destroys S.U.B, Lance offers him to appear in a new show calle R.O.B.O, but Robotboy refuses, saying Lance is a bad friend, and takes C.H.O.P for repairs. Near the end, Lance appears in a TV show called T.O.A.S.T.


  • Lance Chestwax (in his fake appearance) bears a heavy ressemblance to Major Man from the Powerpuff Girls (1998).