Lennie is a one-time villain who appears in the episode "Cleaning Day". He is an orphan from "The Homely Home for Homeless Kids" and one of the 3 bullies there. He tends to bully Booker and make sure he won't get adopted. He likes to give swirlies as he almost did that to both Booker and Tommy, but ended up being given one by Donnie.


  • He also makes cameo appearances for example in "I Hero!" as Vance Cosgrove's cameraman and in Grow-No-Mo! where he seems to be friends with Charlie
  • His name was said only once in "Cleaning Day" by Booker (he said "Greetings, Lennie"), but otherwise can be found in Cleaning Day's Prototype script "Halloween".

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Leo Hallerstam