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This page contains all the differences between Cleaning Day and its prototype script, Halloween:

  • No Human Fist references throughout the episode.
  • Robotboy was already activated by the beginning of the episode.
  • No "Okey Dokey Smokey".
  • Gus got tickets for Water World from Bambi's little brother, and convinces Tommy to go there instead of the beach.
  • Robotboy wants to go to the waterpark too, saying "I never been waterpark!", and Tommy refuses as with the finished episode.
  • Bambi is actually in the waterpark with her 2 girlfriends
  • Tommy, Bambi and her friends have fun.
  • Instead of farting in the beach, Gus has to pee, and looks for the restroom.
  • After throwing Tommy's toys out of the window, Deb wears a gas mask and gloves, and carries out some oddly glowing dirtly clothes.
  • Bambi wants Tommy to rub suntan lotion on her back; Tommy accidentally rubs ketchup on her back, with Gus having the suntan lotion, squeezing it on his hot dog an eating it.
  • The helping hand foundation isn't mentioned in the finished episode.
  • Donnie is completely absent throughout the episode.
  • Booker's lines in the finished episode are mostly shortened versions of his lines in the prototype.
  • Lennie's name is mentioned more than once.
  • Lennie's lines are also shorter in the finished episode.
  • In the prototype script, Lennie crumples a galaxy map and sticks it to Booker's mouth, instead of a rare plant in the finished episode.
  • Booker mentions he never had friends before and Robotboy is his first friend.
  • It is described how Tommy found out his toys were donated to the Homely Home for Homeless Kids.
  • Tommy slaps Belly Man in the middle of the episode instead of Lennie in the end of the finished episode.
  • Robotboy helps more to Booker to be ready for the interview, instead of just tying his tie.
  • Lennie bullies Booker more before the interview than in the finished episode, smashes an egg on his head instead of dropping a plant on it.
  • Instead of actually making Robotboy look like a baby, Lennie makes him look dirtier, and Robotboy doesn't like it.
  • The funny introduction of Tommy and Gus to Lennie from the finished episode is absent.
  • Near the end of Tommy and Lennie's fight, Tommy throws the watch to Robotboy, who keeps it in a metal pocket.
  • Tommy isn't about to get a swirly in the prototype script, and Robotboy is the one who saves the day by tornado spinning into the bullies.
  • Booker offers Robotboy to come tomorrow.
  • The counselor was actually supposed to make an actual appearance in the episode.
  • Then the counselor says the couple Booker was interviewed with loved him.
  • Unlike the finished episode, it is mentioned that Booker's new adoptive parents are scientists and they found him one of the smartest and fun kids they've ever met.
  • The episode ends with the counselor saying there is a terrible smell coming from Booker's room (alluding to the title of the episode), Robotboy offers Tommy's help and the all laugh.

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