The Mbola Residence is the house where Lola and her father Ambassador Mbola are living. Also the Ambassador's butler and Lola's cat Princess are residents in this house.


The villa is a luxury home on the top of a small hill on the edge of The Bay Area.

The house is modern decorated but also has typical African influences and art. The villa has a big livingroom with a bar, modern sound installation and television. In the basement, the Ambassador keeps his private collection of expensive and luxurious cars.

Lola has three rooms of her own: the first being her bedroom. which was first and lastly shown in "Feline Frenzy". It is large with plain, greenish blue (at least that's what they are at night) walls and a canopy bed. On the walls are various pictures of her as a baby, her cat, Princess, some random posters, and a picture of Tommy. On the wall nearest Lola's bed is a large window that's on the first floor.

Her second room is a play/computer room, which is big with pink, blue and purple walls. On the walls are a poster of a unicorn and a wall-paintings of a rainbow, stars, and hearts. It also has a huge computer/printer with speakers attached above it on the walls, and various toys and stuffed animals.

Her third room appears to be just a lounge/TV room whose walls are colored the same as her computer/play room and has a large pink sofa with a rainbow back and a blue puppy plush resting on the arm. A pink stand beside it has a lava lamp and a large HD TV mounted parallel to the couch. The walls behind the couch has hearts and stars decorations.

In "The Manchurian Robot" it's revealed that the residence also has a big private theater, complete with backstage and theater attributes.


  • From all the main characters residences, Lola's house is the least used as a location in the series.
  • In some episodes the Mbola's residence can be seen in the background. Mostly uncoloured.
  • In Robot Rebels it looks like the residence is also a bus stop from the city bus service.
  • The room shown in "Robotboy's Fifteen Minutes" could be Lola's play/computer room.