Mookie is one of Kurt's companions/friends and one of Tommy's bullies. He is bald and small. He wears a beanie with a skull on a black circle which happens to have a bowling ball hidden inside and uses it for defense. He happens to wear a green-blueish shirt with a black spade on a white circle and a golden ear-pierce on his left ear. In the absence of Kurt, he is the leader when he's with Stu only.


  • His voice in Season 1 and 2 is slightly more lighter than what he sounds in Season 3 which at times would get swapped with Stu's voice.
  • Contrary to belief, it was revealed on a script of Robogus and the G-Machine that his name is in fact "Mookie" and not "Noky".

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Dick "Rune" Eriksson