The Hovercar is Professor Moshimo's flying vehicle. In this flying machine he transports himself to different locations.

The Hovercar is a fast moving flying object, controlled by rocket motors. It's very flexible and can changes it movements very quick. It also can fly automatic and remote controlled from a distance. So every time Robotboy is in danger and Moshimo can't save him, he sends the Hovercar to Tommy who is also capable to fly the hovercar.

In Brother the hovercar was thrown in the water of Bay Area by Protoboy. In Shelf-Life Moshimo rebuild and repaired the hovercar. He installed a new overthruster which doubled the speed of the aircraft.

The hovercar doesn't have any weapons and is for transport only.


  • The Hovercar's design resembles the Landspeeder from the Star Wars saga.
  • In The Homecoming the hovercraft is thrown away by a big gorilla. It's not known if the hovercraft survived that blow.
  • In Rowho? the hover appears bigger then in other episodes. In this episode it has a rear big enough for Miumiu to check the teeth of Gus.