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Mother Kamikazi


First Appearance
Last Appearance
Dr. Kamikazi her son, Constantine, *Ginger and *Wasabi *her pets
Dr. Kamikazi (her son), *Ginger and *Wasabi her pets, Stevie (her grandson)
Somewhere between 90 and 110

Mother Kamikazi is the mother of Doctor Kamikazi and the grandmother of Stevie. She owns two dogs called; Ginger and Wasabi being named after condiments.


She appears as an old lady who lives in an ordinary home, pretty active despite her age since she can cook. She can appear as a nice and a happy woman whenever she meets people. But she can also become quite strict to those who doesn't follow the rules or becomes rude.


  • Her only physical appearance was so far on "Momma's Boy", though she was firstly mentioned on the episode "Kamispazi" and ''Halloween''
  • Like her son, she has dots as eyes. Although funnily she can be seen on one shot with ordinary eyes but they don't appear so open probably due to her age.

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