The Orca is a fishing boat that often appears troughout the series. Altough there are many boats appearing in different episodes, this boat is always recognizable trough the colours and "his" name Orca on the backside of the ship.

The owner of the ship is unknown. In Underwater it was leased to Dr. Kamikazi, who used it as a trap to catch Robotboy. In other episodes there are no captains or crew member to see, with the exception of Grow-No-Mo!. In it's last appearance in The Revenge of Protoboy, there is only one crewmember on board, there's an old fisherman that hires Donnie after he caught him as a stowaway, although it's not known if he's the new owner of the ship or not.


  • The boat is a reference and shares the same name and appearance as The Orca from the Jaws trilogy.
  • Donnie and Gus are the only characters that traveled twice on this boat.
  • It is possible that the boat is remotely controlled or on autopilot, as in Underwater it travled without a captain controlling it.
  • Robotboy almost destroyed this boat in Grow-No-Mo!

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