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The PE Teacher is a minor recuring character in the series. She is the PE Teacher at the school of Tommy and Gus.

She is very strict and looks very angry at all times. She let the kids train very hard and under heavy conditions during PE lessons. She wants them to feel the pain and become friends with the pain. It seems like she isn't very populair among the students.

She also seems to don't care about children who are disabled and let them work as hard as the not disabled children or let them make easy targets for Kurt during dodgeball.

She wears her hair in a ponytail and wears white shorts with a white sports bra with long sleeves.


  • She only appeared in four episodes. 2 in Season 1 and 1 in Season 2 and 1 in Season 4 while being absent in Season 3
  • Her voice tends to change from episode to episode. In "Kurt's Father", her voice had a bit of an accent, was deep, and had a drill-sergeant tone. In "The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi", she sounded a bit like Robotboy (granted because Laurence voiced them both) and her voice was nasally. In "Tween for a Day", her voice was a little softer and higher-pitched.
  • Apparently the school isn't very strict on dress code (or anything else for that matter, including whom they hire without doing background checks), considering they allowed her to wear a skimpy gym outfit while teaching 10-year olds.

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