Professor Moshimo's Robot Testing Lab is a defunct promo game made by Cartoon Network and the digital creative agency Ralph. In this game, you need to help Professor Moshimo test his robots by becoming a "Robo-Guardian". Weekly prizes (like posters and toys) are awarded for the Robo Guardians who have interacted the most with their robot, for example making it sleep, talk, dance and roam. The robots appearance alters depending on how regularly the Guardians log into the site and how many users form their testing team (each robot can have multiple Robo-Guardians). 


  • This was the only appearance of Professor Moshimo in a flash game. The only other known game he appears in is Kamikazi Kidnap.
  • The robots' appearance can be that of either a deactivated Robotboy, a deactivated Robotgirl or a deactivated Protoboy (which looks different than his deactivated form in The Revenge of Protoboy, and his head shape looks closer to Robotboy's).
  • This was Cartoon Network's first viral campaign.
  • Professor Moshimo's Robot Testing Lab is one of the only two Robotboy Flash games to contain Cartoon Network's logo, the other being Tommy Takeaway.



The game's title screen