Protoboy is the first robot created by Professor Moshimo, and is the elder Brother of Robotboy and Robotgirl. He shows arrogance for the world, and wants revenge on Dr. Kamikazi for deactivating him.

Character Summary

Professor Moshimo created Protoboy many years ago after getting out of the academy. But because of the Professor's young age, Protoboy lacked humanity and was quite vicious. He was later kidnapped by a young Dr. Kamikazi who turned him evil so he could rule the world, but he made him too evil, to which Protoboy was deactivated after being defeated by Constantine.

After Robotboy attempts to resurrect him, Protoboy becomes full of rage and decides to destroy everything near him. Robotboy tries to be nice to him, but Protoboy doesn't stand for this. He shows disdain for Robotboy`s friendship, and proceeds to "destroy" him.



Robotboy sees Protoboy as a friendly Robot, with a bit of a temper. Robotboy becomes so clouded by Protoboy`s position as his "brother" that he doesn`t understand the true cause of it.

Tommy Turnbull

Not a very good relationship together with Tommy since he doesn't see him as a good person to him. He almost destroyed him in three occasions, two in "Brother" and one in "The Revenge of Protoboy".

Gus Turner

A very bad relationship, on the episode "The Old Switcharobot" when Protoboy was inside Robotboy's body he punched Gus out of Tommy's window when Gus were saying many awful things about him. In "The Return of Robotgirl", he almost destroyed him for tricking him that he's Moshimo's other robot.


On the episode "The Revenge of Protoboy" he spoke on his cellphone to his dear (as he calls her). Although it is unknown which character he spoke to but it could've possibly been his girlfriend since he gives her a kiss when he had finished speaking to her.


  • In Protoboy's debut episode "Brother", his flames while flying were orange like Robotboy & Robotgirl, but in his later appearances his flames are blue.
  • Also, in "Brother", Protoboy's vocabulary is quite flat (he mostly says "Destroy" in this episode) & his voice was also deeper and more robotic, but in later episodes his vocabulary got better his voice becomes lighter and more monotonic.
  • His eyes are in the same shape seen in Robotboy's Superactivated mode.
  • Unlike Robotboy who doesn't speak when he's Superactivated, Protoboy can speak clearly when he's Superactivated. In fact, when Robotboy was in Protoboy's body (from "The Old Switcharobot") he didn't speak at all when he Superactivated in Protoboy's body. This could be due to his habit of not speaking in his own Superactivated mode.
  • Protoboy has two different appearances when he's Superactivated, one is his regular and the other with a big gun appearing from his back and while preparing appears more red. This version only appears for a short time in The Revenge of Protoboy.
  • According to Jan Van Rijsselberge, Protoboy was not Robotboy's only prototype, there were a few experiments but non were fully operational, and thus didn't get a name.
  • How Protoboy got repaired is unknown for the moment, but there could be a hint that someone really is repairing him after he gets destroyed, especially the one he spoke with on his phone (which could be his girlfriend or wife since he calls her; "Dear.")
  • The idea of a prototype brother may be inspired by Proto Man from the Mega Man series.
  • The evil personality and gold coloration for a brother might be inspired by Atlas from the 80's version of Astro Boy.
  • Protoboy has so far only appeared in 4 episodes which are the following; "Brother", "The Old Switcharobot", "The Revenge of Protoboy" and "The Return of Robotgirl."
  • His last words in the series were "Not finish yet!!" (the last word was cut for being shot by a Superactivated Robotboy).
  • Interestingly, there's never been an episode involving Robotboy in his deactivated mode where Protoboy appears.

International Dubs

Languages Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Leo Hallerstam (Episode "Brother" only)
Swedish Dick Rune Eriksson (Season 4)