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Protoboy's Dear
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Unknown (Presumed to be a robot)
Protoboy (possible boyfriend)

Protoboy's Dear is an unseen character that was briefly mentioned in "The Revenge of Protoboy". Not much is known to this character except that there's speculations that it might be Protoboy's supposed girlfriend.


When Protoboy was about blasting off Robotboy he gets interrupted by his cellphone which revealed to be his girlfriend calling on him. As much annoyance to Protoboy he talks to her and finds out he has to return to her.


Collab protogirl by katiepmazurek-d54fo8e

The fan-made Protogirl

  • Because of this character, fans of Robotboy have created a fan character called Protogirl. According to fan stories, she is Protoboy's girlfriend and the reason why Protoboy is active after the events of "Brother".

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