Protoboy's Superactive Mode. Even before Robotboy was created, Protoboy has also had his own Superactive mode, similar the way of Robotboy's Superactivation for Protoboy's only upgrade and it is used for more supreme battles


  • Cannon beam
    • His most significant weapon as it is almost used every time when he's in his third mode.
    • He is shown to have two cannon beams in "The Old Switcharobot".
  • Super Strength
  • Laser Vision
  • Energized Telekinesis
  • Meteor-Mash Punch


  • Unlike Robotboy, Protoboy can speak in his form
  • Protoboy has two different appearances when he's Superactivating, one is his regular and the other with a big gun appearing from his back and while preparing appears more red.
  • It is unknown that this robot is presumed dead or alive due to the last appearance.

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