The RO·Phonix is a Cd-rom box with two CD-roms inside.

Who ever listens to the CD-rom's is directly hypnotized and does everything what is being said.


The CD-rom's were created by Dr. Kamikazi and their main purpose was to hypnotize the listener. Kamikazi gave the CD to Robotboy to make him do various chores like building a moon-base and carves Kamikazi's face on to Mount Rushmore.


After Gus taped Robotboy's real robot voice and let Robotboy listen to it, he was upset that he sounded like a robot and not like a real boy. Kamikazi somehow heard this and created the RO·Phonix. Robotboy thinks that the RO·Phonix CD's are going to help him to sound more like a real boy.

After Robotboy did everything for Kamikazi and helped him to build and steal everything he needed to rule the world, Robotboy became useless to him. So his last demand on the RO·Phonix hypnotizing CD was that Robotboy would throw himself in a volcano. But Constantine (who was listening to a CD to improve his cooking skills) accidentally swapped the CD's. So Robotboy was making pies, and Constantine was on his way to throw himself in to the volcano.

Robotboy saves Constantine and the RO·Phonix hypnotize CD-roms are destroyed by Tommy.