Randy is an actor and figure skater who appeared in Human Fist On Ice.

He was an actor who portrayed The Human Fist in the Human Fist On Ice show. Therefore he was a captain on a ferry and a figure skater who won the 15th place in the Calgary Olympics.

Before the show started he was hypnotized by Dr. Kamikazi. His mission was to steal Robotboy. When he sees Robotboy he skates towards him and Tommy and beats Tommy unconscious.

Later after he is out of his hypnosis, he is fired for ruining the show. He agrees to help Tommy, Lola and Gus to bring back Robotboy. He says to Tommy that he knows how it feels too lose a doll. His own doll was destroyed by his father what heart-broke him and since that day he swore to never let a other boy through the same thing.

When Kamikazi freezes the water, Randy can't sail any further. So he takes the kids and ice skates them to the abandoned prison.

But there as he faces Constantine to fight, he got scared and flees the prison, leaving the kids behind.


  • It is very likely that Randy is homosexual. Although not confirmed or mentioned, his behavior points in that direction. This makes him the only openly gay character in the series.
  • It is also likely that he is not the real "Human Fist" himself despite what some might speculate.
  • His voice sounds like the late pop-star Michael Jackson.
  • The Calgary Olympics where Randy was a participant where held in 1988 in Calgary, Canada. Three real Randy's there were participating: Randy Gingera, Randy Will and Randy Ferbey. It is possible that he is named after one of them.
  • He can be seen in a few cameos on the show especially on arena's. He can be seen also wearing a shirt as well.

Internationa Dubs

Language Voice Actor
Swedish Steve Kratz

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