Roboboy is a collective name for the knockoffs of Robotboy, made by Gilbert in the events of the episode Knockoffs. They were sold at the Electronics Hut electric store and were so popular even the villains of The Show have bought them. As clones of Robotboy, they perfectly equal him in power, but are very unstable, ranging from going berserk and having a short battery life, to exploding right after Superactivation.


The Roboboy, as clones of Robotboy, look exactly like him, but they are available in a variety of colors: Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Black and Light Green.


Deactive: MP3 Player, 4-Megapixel camera.

Active: Flight, Extreme Strength, Extreme Durability, Speed, Super Activation.

Super activation: Flight, Speed, Laser-Guided Missiles.

Main Weaknesses: Short Battery Life, Going Berserk, Exploding shortly after Superactivation.

Characters Who Bought Roboboy

Gus Turner- Pink Roboboy

Klaus Von Affenkugel- Green Roboboy

Special Agent- Yellow Roboboy

Dr. Kamikazi- 66 Red Roboboys


  • When Deactivated or Activated, Roboboy's eyes are cyan, like Robotboy's, but when they are Superactivated, their eye color is their color, instead of being red.
  • Unlike Robotboy, they are not shown to speak.
  • If you look on the Roboboy's circuit board background (it is below in the gallery) that was shown for a split second in the episode, one can notice it has the Electronics Hut's logo (the arrow pointing right), that wasn't shown in episodes where Robotboy's mechanic parts are shown.