Roboboys' Superactive Mode. As clones of Robotboy, The Roboboys have their own Superactivation mode, and used it to battle Robotboy. However, as the Roboboys are very unstable, their circuits are burned up and they explode shortly after Superactivating.


  • Flight
  • Speed
  • Laser Guided Missiles (Mentioned by Gilbert, but as he didn't say in which mode, as Robotboy doesn't have missiles in Activated or Deactivated form, the Roboboys could've use it in their Superactive mode).


  • When the Roboboys are Superactivated, their eye color is their own color, instead of being red, unlike their Deactivated or Activated mode, where their eyes are cyan, like Robotboy's.
  • If you look on the Roboboy's circuit board background (it is below in the gallery) that was shown for a split second in the episode, one can notice it has the Electronics Hut's logo (the arrow pointing right), that wasn't shown in episodes where Robotboy's mechanic parts are shown.